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So I have been away for a while and just came back and I found out the Rick Boer the Assassin Creed Cosplayer from the Netherlands was so harassed that he took his deviant art down.

This amazing talented man, who was doing nothing more then trying to accurately portray a video game character, has been forced to take his beautiful art down.


The man apologized and made an effort to “correct” his supposed “racist” costume and people still attacked him.

Okay to the people who attacked him. You are not changing the world. You are not making it a better place. And you are very much a dick. Rick was not the one who made his costume, of a fictional character I might add, a racial issue. You did. To me, and many others, you are nothing more then a bully. A horribly cyber bully that had nothing better to do with their time then attack another person.

And to Rick, who will probably never see this, the internet is not full of hateful people. There are many people who love your work and I hope that this does not deter you from your art and eventually I would love to see you post more things.

Also to those who don’t want people reblogging his work.

Make me!

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    This happened? Wow, Deviantart has gone to the dogs.
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    and i just got a headache. i wonder if the people who complained know anything about the game, more than they hear, but...
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  10. bonehildaskey said: how the f… is that racist? it’s what it is in the game, i don’t see anything wrong with it.
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